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Harmelogic is a Project formed by pianist Kristijan Korat and Percussionist Damir Mazrek from Slovenia. Hearing and playing various styles of music such as Jazz, Ethno, Classical and World Music, lead them to combine these styles together.Perform their own compositions with complex melodies, which are supported by rich harmonies, combined into melodic patterns, which cause a feeling of timelessness. You can hear them in a duo or in more extended music casts with different types of musicians or maybe even dancers. Through exploring different heritages, they are trying to make the music innovative, rhythmically interesting and at the same time logical for every person who comes to their concert. Sharing peace and optimism around the world through music and contributing something fresh to the society is the main goal they want to achieve.

Harmelogic feat. Rufus Cappadicia on 5 string cello

The Trio produces an completely logical and authentic fusion of rhythm, harmony and melody. 
They use innovative musical structures,  modern  and at the same time totally traditional sound, with massive grooves and improvised expressions

Harmelogic feat. Haig Yazdjian & Helmut Schönleitner///

... -South Eastern Breeze Tour (Oud Solo)

An excited project hosting the legendary oud player, great musician and human being Haig Yazdjian. 

Kris Korat – piano // Haig Yazdjian – oud // Helmut Schönleitner – bass // Damir Mazrek -percussion

Harmelogic feat. Bajsa Arifovska

...live session recorded in Vetrinjski Dvor

Kris Korat – piano // Bajsa Arifovska – kaval, tambura, clarinet // Damir Mazrek -percussion

With great honour, we had the chance to work with an amazing Macedonian multi-instrumentalist, by the name Bajsa Arifovska. Enjoy in some musical moments of our collaboration.