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Damir Mazrek live – Musical textures from Balkan area. 

The project builds compositional innovative and rhythmically varied bridges between heritage and modernity, based on years of research. It is the new yield of the longtime collaboration between the multi-instrumentalist and first lady of Balkan instrumental music Bajsa Arifovska, the unique and versatile percussionist Damir Mazrek, and highly innovative pianist, composer, and producer Kris Korat.

Their traditional and at the same time urban sound is achieved through a wide variety of traditional instruments. The elements of hip-hop, funk and jazz as well as electronic effects add to the colourful sound image and evoke feelings of shamanic states, while the suggestiveness of multi-layered music awakens the listener to a sensation of timelessness or a presence of all-encompassing temporality.

This unique musical compound can be described as a synthesis of the traditions of the Balkans, the Mediterranean, the Near and Far East, European classical as well as modern Western music, which the musicians embrace with the magic of the Roma musical spirit.

... 2020 Album ///

Damir Mazrek - OkO

From Ancient to Modern … Original Contemporary Acoustic Music from Balkan Area … with full respect to tradition …

Kris Korat – piano // Bajsa Arifovska – kaval, tambura, clarinete // Haig Yazdjian – oud, voice // Goce Dimovski – Zurla // Tina Muraus – all strings // Zvezdana Novakovič – voice // Jana Ivanovska Ilioska – vocal // Frosina Markoska – vokal // Matej Hotko – dublebass // Žiga Golob – dublebass

Recorded in Satoration Studio Maribor by Andrej Hrvatin and Studio Anastasia Skopje by Ljupco Pavlovski


Damir Mazrek

Mix & Mastering

Andrej Hrvatin

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Damir Mazrek - Mirim /// oKo

...live session recorded in Vetrinjski Dvor

Kris Korat – piano // Tina Muraus – Violin // Bajsa Arifovska – kaval, tambura, clarinet // Damir Mazrek -percussion

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Damir Mazrek // Kris Korat // Bajsa Arifovska

... from our release concert of...OkO...

Kris Korat – piano // Bajsa Arifovska – kaval, tambura, clarinet // Damir Mazrek -percussion